Social Innovation Hub members' testimonials (hub and programme users)


“Being in the Hub is a great asset to the work Depaul does in the community of Ballymun as it has us placed directly in the centre of wrap around services for the people we serve.Being in t he Hub in a very collective and progressive work environment, lends itself greatly in terms of new networking and for feeling the daily pulse of new ideas and their energies towards the local area. During the last year of the pandemic, safety for Depaul staff and clients has been a priority. The work that was done by the Hub staff to ensure staff safety and covid compliance during this time was exceptional. From the beginning we were reassured that the working space was safe and managed. This enabled us to pour all our focus into our clients and their needs." 

Ciara, Depaul Homeless Services

“Since our inception to the Social Innovation Hub in 2019 our programme has gone from strength to strength. A large part of this development is attributed to the platform provided to us by the social innovation hub and the team. It has enabled us to carry out our aims and objectives, expand the scope of our projects and most importantly improve the supports provided to autistic people in their communities. We have also been able to enhance our networking ability through our membership which has led to increased opportunities for the people we support. We are delighted to be part of the hub and to be in a very supportive environment aligned with our own values and ethos." 

Jonathan Lynch, Regional Manager, Gheel Autism Services CLG

“The Hub has given us a permanent base that allows us to grow our organisation the way the Sheds are growing on the ground.”

Barry Sheridan, CEO, Irish Men’s Sheds Association

“From the infectious energy and creativity of other Hubbers to the supportive and professional management team, this truly is a place where magic happens.”

Niamh Kelly, Founder, Mindful Measures


“Being part of the Hub has been extremely easy and there is a proactive atmosphere with lots of supports available.”

Kevin Kelleher, CEO, Ostoform

"The Hub space brings a vital energy to the Depaul team, it is an inspirational and dynamic work space.”

 Carmen Iordache, Team Manager, Depaul


“As a new Dublin start-up, being located here has given me the ability to collaborate with other entrepreneurs and I have found that to be invaluable.” 

Bassey Duke, CEO, PRUUNE Consulting Ltd

“There's a really nice buzz in the Hub and I've gotten business through friendly interactions that I could never have anticipated.”

Mary O’Connor Founder, Thriving Fast

Participants on previous Incubate4Growth programmes

 "When I got accepted onto the Incubate4Growth programme it was a game changer. Being part of the Hub meant I had a safe, quiet, friendly environment to focus on my business. I could network with Hubbers, and get one to one coaching. My confidence and my business grew through the roof. I can categorically say that my business (and my confidence) could not have grown at such a rate without being part of the hub."

Michelle Wallace, Digiyell

"Being accepted onto the Incubate4Growth programme was a real turning point in my business. The mentoring gave me structure, made me accountable to someone other than myself and made me refocus on the direction in which I was taking my business. I think it so true to say that when you are caught up in the day to day running a business it can be easy to forget your business strategy and direction. So for me, the programme has allowed me to take that much needed step back and to revisit and refine my business plan.

It is also so important when are are trying to keep all the plates spinning to have a sounding board and this is what I got - and more - from the HUB. My mentor has given me great support and insights since we have started working together and has encouraged me to focus on developing my website and increasing my marketing skills - both of which are being currently addressed."

Marian McCullagh,

CEO, AOS Training

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