We don’t just offer a desk, we build a community and develop local solutions!

Our Social Innovation Hubs provide local communities with the programmes and networks to combat locally based social, cultural and environmental challenges, delivering placed-based solutions that work for all involved.

Our Social Innovation Hub in Ballymun, and soon to be in The Liberties, are home to a community of people from different professions and backgrounds; social entrepreneurs, freelance professionals, start-ups, non-profits, creatives and others who are involved in creating positive change in our communities.

Our hubs provide a shared workspace that is designed to encourage networking, innovation and fun. We’re passionate about supporting our 'hubbers' and do this by fostering a collaborative environment and by simply facilitating those unique and valuable interactions that happen naturally within the space.

Our ‘hubbers’ are thriving thanks to the unique mix of supports, tools and knowledge on offer. But we’re not all about business; the Hub is a powerful driver of ideas and change for local people and community organisations. We provide a venue and supports for workshops and other kinds of interaction that strengthen the effectiveness and sustainability of community driven change initiatives.

Our work is proudly supported by local businesses and neighbours including IKEA, as well as by Enterprise Ireland.

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