All young people hope for a bright future filled with possibility.

Our ‘Youth Academy’ programme supports young people who are not working by empowering them to discover their potential and abilities and better equip them for employment or self-employment opportunities.

Over the course of 3 months, 18 to 24-year olds discover untapped potential in a highly engaging and creative way and test themselves like never before.

The programme helps them recognise and generate career options by encouraging creative thinking and entrepreneurship. 

It focuses on developing transferable skills such as communication, project management and design thinking – skills that are highly prized by employers and are essential for anyone thinking of setting up a business.

There is also a chance for the participants to get involved in a project that develops their business and entrepreneurial skills. This programme, piloted in Ballymun, is due be rolled out in other areas.

Thank you very much to our sponsors, ESB and Ulster Bank.

The Youth Academy 2017!

Youth Academy 2018 - one teams project - promotion of Youthreach!

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