All young people hope for a bright future filled with possibility.

Innovate Communities’ Youth Academy is a 10 week blended learning programme that teaches youth people (16-30) Design Thinking and Project Management Skills and gives participants a chance to identify and then develop a project of their choosing that benefits the organisation they are connected to or their local community.

The Programme empowers you to discover your potential and abilities and better equips you for further education or employment opportunities.

You will learn about working in teams, generating project ideas, problem solving and project management. In particular, you will learn the following skills, all of which are highly valued by employers.

1. Personal skills: you will have the opportunity to explore your own skills, interests and passions and learn what you can bring to a team.

2. Teamwork: you will see how mutual respect, interest and fun can very positively influence the ability to work with fellow team-members.

3. Concept design and delivery: you will understand and undertake the work necessary to plan and deliver an idea, so it is up and running.

4. Resilience: you will learn that failure is often part of the process and the importance of persevering.

5. World of work: you will be empowered to think in a different and creative way about your future and your way forward, and will develop skills that will help you work effectively as a student or as an employee.

6. Self-engagement: You will have a better understanding of the next step towards your future in terms of future education, employment and personal life.

The programme is divided into 3 sections:

Stage 1 Personal Exploration and Confidence Building: where you are taken through a series of exercises designed to make you aware of your core skills, interests and abilities.

Stage 2 Project Design: where you will identify an area to work on or scope out an already identified project.

Stage 3 Project Delivery: where you will learn the techniques necessary to plan and manage a project successfully within an agreed timeframe and budget

We are delighted to be running the 2022 Youth Academy Programme with three Youthreach Centres in Dublin: Ballymun, Crumlin and Ballyfermot!

Thank you very much to our sponsors ESB and Dublin Airport Authority.

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