The Brew Box: a place for a cuppa, a chat and learning valuable skills that can break the cycle of re-offending

The Brew Box is a mobile coffee business concept that aims to provide young ex-offenders with work experience, training opportunities and employment, in tandem with developmental supports for their young families.

Innovate Communities worked closely with the residents of Ballymun to understand their community needs and during the 'Diagnosing and Framing' part of our process, we identified the requirement for a community-based commercial café space to support ex-offenders in employment.

To further frame the idea a feasibility study was conducted to determine the most appropriate economic and financial model for such a project.

During our ‘Discovery’ phase we brought together key stakeholders operating within this space to help shape the concept, align key service providers and identify sources of start-up funding.

We then began to 'Prototype and Test' a less risky model, a mobile coffee dock we call The Brew Box, prior to the development of a Cafe model. We are now at the stage of sourcing funding to test the prototype designed with partners.

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