We are pleased to announce our participation in the Erasmus+ funded project, “FUTURE – From Urban To hUman REgeneration: Competences to regenerate communities in urban regeneration processes”, as part of a consortium of partners from Italy, Spain and Lithuania - including the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, and the University of Klaipeda.

The objective of the project is to address the skills gap in the community regeneration sector - to encourage knowledge exchange between university students and young professionals, and to use practice-based learning to develop skills within the community. Taking an interdisciplinary and innovative approach, the project will work to create a training model, and to test and refine a socially impactful curriculum. It is envisaged that the project will support students and young professionals to acquire a set of competencies to better inform planning processes within their community. At a high-level, this involves creating new opportunities for local sustainable development, co-design and place-making - and by testing tools to reduce distances between stakeholders.

Innovate Communities will work with partners in the consortium on the creation of a common model for the training course: contents, didactical tools and assessment schemes. Later, an experimentation phase consisting of classroom activities and the activation of local LABs, will involve the development of Integrated Action Plans that can influence planning mechanisms at the local level with the local authorities and communities joint owners of urban regeneration processes. It is envisaged that the tools and methods developed over the project can help inform more participatory development approaches in Ireland, and around the world. Aligned to this work, we are supporting local organisations in Dublin 8 on a collaborative project to develop a vacant site in the area, with and in response to the needs of the local community, showcasing an alternative approach to planning in practice. This builds on our work in establishing the Social Innovation Hub Ballymun, understanding that a place-based approach to community development provides more space for citizen participation in decision-making.

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