We are pleased to announce our participation in the Erasmus+ funded project, “FUTURE – From Urban To hUman REgeneration: Competences to regenerate communities in urban regeneration processes”, as part of a consortium of partners from Italy, Spain and Lithuania - including the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, and the University of Klaipeda.

The aim of the project is to develop a curriculum and training programme for those being educated and working within urban planning and regeneration ecosystem within our local communities e.g. university students in planning, regeneration, architecture and those working in local authorities and Local Development Companies (LDCs).

The project seeks to grow competences and build capacity of these actors to facilitate more citizen-led regeneration processes, bridging an identified skills gap in the urban regeneration and planning sectors between our residents and those working to develop and enhance their communities – something that is well documented in the Irish case.

To reach our objectives the project consortium will co-produce a training model that will focus on citizen engagement and participation. Its aim is to build collaborative working methodologies and delivery practices in urban planning, community development and regeneration between actors (students in planning, regeneration, architecture, those working in local authorities and Local Development Companies (LDCs)) and our local citizens, creating collaborative opportunities for local sustainable development, co-design and enhancement of the identity of a local community.

The training programme will build the capacity of these actors through upskilling them in engaging and innovative practices on citizen and human centred design (from urban to human!) and will facilitate them in co-producing integrated/collective action plans to build the local communities of tomorrow – with citizens at the centre of this approach.

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