We work with people, organisations, business, local government and government to create new solutions to the needs highlighted in their communities, resulting in lasting improvements.

Ensuring our work is effective and creates a positive impact is key to everything we do.

Through conversations, meetings and other forms of research we develop a deep understanding of people’s lives and the needs of communities.

We then work together with stakeholders in the public and private sectors and as well as local communities to create and develop innovative solutions to test and, in some cases, establish projects, programmes and even businesses that can help to meet these needs.

To find those innovative solutions we use an iterative process to DIAGNOSE & FRAME, DISCOVER, PROTOTYPE & TEST and IMPLEMENT.

Innovate Dublin Process

1. Diagnose & Frame

Using design thinking, we mobilise interested residents, local government, elected officials, businesses and non-profits through research, bespoke meetings and round table events, which give us valuable insights into people’s lives.

2. Discover

Once we agree the themes to focus on, we get together with communities and people interested in supporting the work, to shape achievable, effective solutions to the problem at hand.

3. Prototype & Test

We then work to co-design/create a product or service with the group in question. By prototyping at this stage we find out what does and doesn’t work and what improvements need to be made. Acting as the broker, we engage those people and organisations that can help make the product or service a reality. We call these our Critical Friends.

4. Implement

Once our prototype fits the market or community it was designed for, then we look to implement.

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