We transform the way communities solve problems.

Innovate Communities is a social enterprise and we believe that real change comes through social innovation, new ideas that work.

Using our expertise in innovation, we help people solve old problems in new ways, in the places they live, work and play. With an exciting blend of fresh thinking, design, system change, technology and common sense, we work with communities to create and deliver projects that work in real life and create a lasting impact.

Our Vision: Working together today to create the communities of tomorrow.

Our Mission: Supporting communities to create solutions that result in sustainable improvements today, and into the future.

We understand that people are the experts in their own lives and that the best results come from working closely with them to solve the challenges they face. We also understand the importance of partnering with relevant organisations which, like us, are committed to better outcomes, to effectively deal with these challenges.

That is why collaboration is key to our success. We work directly with individuals, local authorities, statutory bodies, business, not-for-profits and universities.

At the heart of all our work is the ambition to shape dynamic innovations and projects that create economic and social benefits for all.

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