Social Innovation is about finding new solutions to problems in society.

It’s about putting into practice new ideas that meet a need more effectively than existing practices and that bring about measurable improvements for communities. It’s a way of looking at the problems we face in new ways and getting individuals, agencies and government to work together to design and build solutions.

Most broadly it can refer to the creation of new services, products or processes that engage and mobilise its beneficiaries, and that to some extent transform social relations by improving beneficiaries’ access to power and resources.  

It might be the creation of a new co-working or incubating space led by local people, local government and the private sector, or a project that helps people who have been in prison to get back into work with day release employment and family supports.

It could be a fresh look at an existing public service, re-designing it improving it and making it run more efficiently, in a way that ultimately benefits the community it serves.

Innovate Communities pioneer’s social innovation as it should be, facilitating projects that are grass roots and collaborative to achieve best results.

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